MTHL specialises in the application of digital tokens in the physical world

More than a decade ago, Mobile Technology Holdings set out to build technologies that dramatically change how mobile transactions are conducted. Today, our scanners and readable token systems allow our enterprise partners to link multiple transaction identifiers into a single simple code that can be delivered to any mobile device.

Through research & development, acquisition and enhancement of Intellectual Property, MTHL builds market tested and commercially ready products – creating new value chains for banks, retailers and brands.



MTHL multi-token is enabling new paths to single-tap pay and redeem.  MTHL multi-token can be implemented across multiple service providers which further reduces breakage in loyalty schemes and bank rewards while increasing card spend and lowering cost of transactions. We are fully compliant with PCI and EMV requirements.


MTHL tokens are enabling organisations to meet evolving privacy requirements such as EU General Data Protection & Regulation (GDPR) by issuing unique identifiers which contain no personal or transaction information.  We are continuously innovating in dynamic security tokens and fraud prevention measures.

Payments, Loyalty and Coupons

Working with banks and retailers, the MTHL scanner and token system are redefining transactions.

The one-tap simplicity of a fully mobile transaction - linking payment and loyalty programs - sees an increase in card spend, loyalty redemption and customer satisfaction. All this with the speed, accuracy and security offered by physical cards but without the middleman fees.

For retailers the ability to send instantly transactable tokens to any mobile phone makes MTHL Coupons ideal for distributing promotions and instant offers. Reach customers through any text based method such as SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

With no download, app install or additional registration needed customers can redeem coupons instantly on any phone with zero barriers.



MTHL owns bCODE – an alphanumeric code which functions as a dynamic or static token.  bCODE enables every mobile device on the planet to be delivered secure unique identifiers using any phone distribution method.  bCODE creates a device agnostic ecosystem that enables all service providers to issue and redeem any transaction.

bCODE Scanner

MTHL manufactures an optical scanner that provides sub-second, offline de-tokenising of the MTHL token. The bCODE Scanner provides high speed, high reliability for high volume retail, mass transit and other applications.

The banking and retail industries have seen little true innovation in the past 20 years.

MTHL is creating a revolutionary method to digitally transact. We have ongoing research into applying new technologies to tokens, identification and fraud prevention


Our current core IP includes:

  • A pure text token that can be sent to any phone without relying on internet connection.
  • High performance optical scanner provides fast, reliable self scanning of tokens from any phone
  • Offline token management with multiple methods of enabling, disabling and monetising tokens
  • Multiple layers of tokenisation separates ‘consumer side’ and ‘business side’ tokens for additional security
  • Support for multiple token formats: ‘zero integration tokens’, ‘general purpose tokens’ and ‘payment tokens’
  • Ability to link multiple tokens in multiple formats allowing for new applications combining coupons, loyalty, ticketing and payments into a ‘one tap’ experience
  • Each token, even linked tokens, retains a unique identifier. Identifiers are not required to be shared between applications which greatly simplifies compliance with privacy obligations

Companies using MTHL technology: